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Ayushdhara Educational Institution

       AYUSHDHARA EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION, Bhubaneswar, Managed by AYUSHDHARA EDUCATION & SELF HELP CHARITABLE TRUST. The Institution’s every effort is harnessed to realize the dream of making the Nation as temple of learning. It is the aim of the Organisation to participate in the task of inculcating necessary Knowledge, Skills and Creative Attitudes and values among those who have the willing to study high and to contribute more effectively towards establishing an equitable social and economic and secular ideal of our nation. ADESH,The Learning centre that upholds the best principles and services in distance Education. Enjoy the flexibility without compromising quality.

       We provide Quality Education on Many Technical, management, Research & other courses from many UGC Recognized Universities. Courses are Provided are Management Courses: BBA, MBA, BHM, MHM. We offer MBA in all specialization Production management(PM),Operational Management (OM), HRM & many more. Technical Courses: B.Tech, M.Tech, Diploma Engineering on almost all branches like computer Science & Engg (CSE),Electronic & Telecommunication (ETC ,ECE ) ,electronics Electrical Engineering EEE, Civil, Mechanical & many more.

       We have also taken initiative for the improvement of Communication skills among the students on noticing the present scenario. We understand the needs of the students and the challenges they face on communication skills. So we have emphasized to meet their expectation during our training.

       We are committed and dedicated to impart training on communication skills. we use innovative methods to encourage learners to speak as much English as possible and ensure that language learning is a fun and educational experience. Our training gives you a practical experience and skills to improve your English language abilities as well as soft skills.

       With an aim to cater to various educational counseling need of today's generation, we've established to offer services who are studying in the various educational institutes. The center endeavours to provide guidance to student's right from their early school years to higher education. We intend to counsel and provide support at every step the student takes towards his future career.